Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finally, the end.

Finally, I got all the cookie pictures uploaded! Just in time, too, because I'm going to be making more tonight or tomorrow.

I'm continuing with pictures from cookies from last weekend.  These are the only two I made from my large Wilton cookie cutter.  I like it, but need some work on the designs...

Little Easter eggs! My favorites are the white plaid one (top left) and the white one with stitches (top row, second from right)

Big Easter the white ones, again!

A collection of some of my favorites!

The Disco Dust collection :)


  1. SEND ME COOKIES! should be illegal to post these yummy creations if you can't share them with me!!!

  2. haha thanks Gisela! email me and we can talk about getting you some cookies ;-)

  3. What are you doing posting things at 6:30 am?!?

  4. The time stamp must be off because I definitely was not posting anything at 6:30 a.m.! I wasnt even awake!!

  5. LOL yes this is about 3 hours behind. Its now 6:30 and it says 3:30.