Thursday, November 12, 2009

Every Blessing

The name for my blog came to me one day when I was thinking about cake decorating. My interest in cake decorating started last summer when I was brainstorming for Oliver's birthday party. I really wanted to make his cake but questioned whether I had the ability or not. I posted on facebook something about wondering if I could do it or not and my good friend Lorie responded with something along the lines of "Of course you can! You can do all things through the Lord!"

Every time I decorate a cake I take the time to pray and ask God's blessing for the cake to turn out well. Any talent I have is purely God-given! And every blessing He pours out, I'll turn back to praise! The blessings he continues to give our family are amazing.

And so the title "Blessed Cakes" came about. *Someday* if I'm meant to have a "real" cake business, I'd love to call it Blessed Cakes.
All three of these cakes were for Oliver's birthday party. One was an 8" round cake, another was made using a Wilton shaped pan, and the little Pooh was made using the mini stand-up bear pan from Wilton. Oliver loved his little 3D smash cake!

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