Sunday, May 2, 2010

Yellow, White, and Purple Birthday Cake

What can I say, I didn't have any creative ideas for the title of this post :)  My friend ordered this cake for her grandmother's birthday.  I had some bad luck with this cake as far as leveling it (I have to buy an Agbay!) and it was hot in our apt and the icing just wasn't cooperating.  The great thing about friends, though, is that they love what you do for them regardless of all the inperfections I see!
This cake was an 8" round on bottom and 6" round on top decorated with buttercream and fondant roses on top.  This was my first time doing a fondant rose and I really like how they turned out!! I want to do more! :)

See what I mean? That awful Wilton leveler hates me.

But I love the roses! :)

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