Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

You all ready for this? LOTS of Easter cookies!!  (not all in this post...blogger is sloooow with uploads, and, well, Oliver just isnt that patient!)  This week has been insanely busy. It reminded me of how I felt with the wedding cake! God works in mysterious ways though; of all weeks for Jay to experience hardships at work and be at home with us, this was the week for it! And I still have more to go! I still have to decorate a set for a friend and all of Oliver's. So just when you think this post is over...there'll be another one soon :)  Some are probably duplicates of what I've already posted, but hey, with a little one, sometimes I just have to quickly upload so they at least get posted! :)

Bunnies! Funny, when I got this cutter I wasn't thrilled with it but now I'm going to make more because they turned out pretty cute.  I like the simplicity of them.  But I do think I'll put some sanding sugar on their tails next time.

Pretty bunny faces

little bunnies peekin' at ya

pretty butterflies

hey chick! :)

quack, quack, quack!

Lambs, I have some different ideas for next year but I just stuck with this design for now.


Baskets...these were really popular so next year I want to get an actual basket cutter instead of using the egg! and maybe do a blue background so that the whole cookie has icing. (maybe thats just my love of icing coming out.) :)

I love polka dots :)

All different designs for Easter eggs! I already cant wait to do them next year.  I have so many ideas in my head, but I was incredibly busy this year and just didnt get time to try them all out.

Some simple butterflies with stitching.

A group shot of some of my faves.

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