Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miracles Happen.

This cookie order was very special to me.  We have a wonderful set of friends at church whose grandson was born very prematurely. (I want to say 25ish weeks?) He was due April 27th and was born January 10th weighing 1 lb 10 oz.  God has used baby Daniel to inspire so many of us.  Daniel is now over 5 lbs and should be coming home soon!!!  Jay and I have also been blessed to become friends with Daniel's parents.  We are now in a small connection group with them through church, along with one other couple.  We are all young parents and the support is wonderful.

Daniel's grandma ordered these cookies to take to Daniel's nurses at the NICU.  After 3 months they have formed some very special bonds with them.  There were 2 dozen "Thank You" cookies and 2 dozen baby cookies.

These were some of my favorites from the set.

teddies :)  look forward to making more of these, they were sweet.

wasn't real happy with the carriages, but I look forward to trying them again sometime.  I might look around for another cutter for this one.

bottles :)  these were so fun to do.

onesies!  In an odd way these reminded me of Easter eggs in regards to the fact that there are endless designs!!

baby duckies

I loved how these rattles turned out!  I wasnt sure about them but they really were a lot of fun.  and of course, the little cookie bites were so fun!

Angie (Daniel's grandma) absolutely loved these cookies and said they could just make her cry.  That made me tear up!  I feel so blessed that God has given me a skill that I can use to help others.

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  1. Hi Lyndsey, I came upon your blog from CookiesRus. It has been so much fun getting to know other cookie designers. I love these cookies and especially the story that goes along with it. My husband and I also had a premature little girl, so this story is very close to my heart. Our story unfortunatly did not have the happiest ending. She passed away shortly after birth.
    Anyway, I think it is wonderful that you made these cookies for the nurses. I know they will enjoy them and will be very grateful!! They have such an important job taking care of those little ones. I look forward to getiing to know you!
    Take care,